Dark beach

A Sci-Fi Noir Comic Series



“This hard-boiled mystery is worth your time and money.”
—A.V. Club

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Gordo dreams of a sun he’s never seen.

Earth has been floating aimlessly through space for three hundred years. When the radiation emanating from the Old Sun began killing life across the planet, human civilization pooled its resources to launch ourselves away from it. A large habitat was built on the coast of Iceland, powered off the geothermal energy emitted by the Earth’s core. The city within this giant dome became known as New Reykjavik, where the human race would survive the harshness of deep space.

Or so the story goes, according to the New Reykjavik Corps of Engineers (NRCE). It’s what Gordo has been told his entire life. Except in his dream, the Old Sun is exploding.

Gordo lies on the beach and listens to his homemade police scanner, waiting to be alerted of crimes as soon as they are reported, specifically homicides. He races to the crime scene on his hand assembled motorcycle before the police can arrive. He snaps photos of the scene and delivers them to his journalist friend Duke. In exchange, Duke provides Gordo with a liquid drug called Ghost Choker, to which Gordo has become wistfully addicted.

But Gordo has stumbled upon an odd murder scene, rife with symbolism of the Old Sun. For the first time, Gordo decides to dig a little deeper, his curiosity fueled by his recurring visions of the Old Sun.



Michael J. Ruiz-Unger is a filmmaker, editor, and storyteller living in Miami, FL. His films have screened in several film festivals including Fantasia Film Festival, Miami Short Film Festival, and The Brooklyn Short Film Festival. 

Sebastián Píriz is a comic book artist living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is the regular artist for Demon Archives and has had his work published by Boom and IDW. 

Ray Jones is an Illustrator and Graphic Artist living in Brooklyn, New York. He is a graduate of SVA’s highly competitive Illustration as Visual Essay program. He has exhibited work in galleries in New York, San Francisco and LA. Ray has also worked commercially for Sony, Esquire, The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Seattle Stranger, and National Geographic.